ATP Testing & Monitoring - Rapid and Accurate

What is ATP Testing?

ATP testing provides an excellent indication of surface cleanliness.

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the universal energy molecule found in all living things.

By measuring the amount of ATP, we can determine the amount of organic matter including food, mold, bacteria and fungus that is present on any surface.

How Does ATP Testing Work?

ATP testing is a 3-step process:

  • Swab the surface with a specialized tester.
  • Snap, squeeze and shake the liquid vile at the top of the tester.
    The vile contains an enzyme that reacts with the collected ATP on the swab to produce light.
  • Insert the tester into the monitoring device. The device measures the intensity of emitted light with a specialized photodiode.


Monitoring Device

  • Accurately determines hygiene levels of surfaces
  • User-friendly and ergonomic smartphone style
  • Easily view results and create reports for each location
  • Test and compare different disinfection methods
  • Identify problem areas that need more attention
  • Train and monitor cleaning crews
  • Objectively meet cleaning standards

  • 10 second results read time
  • Pass/Fail Indicator
  • Relative Light Units (RLU) readout; RLU is directly proportional to amount of ATP present in sample
  • Low RLU = low ATP = cleaner surface

UltraSnapTM ATP Testers

  • All-in-one ATP sampling testers that pair with EnSURETMTouch
  • Unique design & liquid-stable reagent provides superior accuracy
  • Long-lasting signal strength
  • 15-month shelf life with refrigeration; 4 weeks at room temperature