Real-Time Temperature Monitoring That Pays!

Transform You Points of Entry Into Access Points To New Revenue - While Enhancing Safety and Security!

Global Health Concerns Demand Better Solutions

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus CoViD-19 has caused widespread concern across the Globe. Early symptoms of the virus include having a fever, so timely and accurate monitoring of people with a fever in public and shared spaces can play a significant role in containing the epidemic and ensuring effective infection control.

The Disadvantages of Traditional Thermometers

'Traditional’ thermometers include mercury-in-glass thermometers, ear or forehead thermometers, digital thermometers, etc

  • Violates Social Distancing Guidelines of 6ft or Greater
  • Close contact measurement increases the risk of cross-contamination and provokes fear of contamination.
  • No data collection: not conducive to centralized data analysis and/or evaluation.

“In order to return to some semblance of normal, people will have to feel comfortable that they’re safe,” Bob Iger Chairman, Walt Disney C

Product Description

Thermal Scope-AI placed at points of entry, can quickly and accurately detect people with an “out-of- range” temperature reading, and alert staff immediately. It has the ability to detect the temperatures of multiple persons simultaneously (up to 6,) while they are walking through an entrance, with no need to queue, promoting social distancing guidelines. It is more accurate than traditional thermal imaging cameras as it only takes the temperature from the forehead area which is widely accepted as providing more accurate readings than an overall body scan.

It also offers a powerful real-time Face Recognition feature that can perform one-to-many matching in a matter of milliseconds (gallery size is over 5 million faces) and can also recognize key demographic and mood data – gender, age group, facial expression. This mix of capabilities is what makes Thermal Scope-AI really unique. Using this data, Thermal Scope-AI can offer target marketing (individual or demographic based) or traditional loop marketing using its the digital billboard feature, at all points of entry, creating a new potential revenue stream for your business.

Make your safety initiatives pay you back with Thermal Scope-AI!

Thermal Scope-AI Features

  • All-weather real-time monitoring
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Integrated software – works with common T&A
  • Tracking multiple targets at once
  • Contact-less temperature reading
  • Measurement accuracy: ≤±0.3℃
  • Optional face/biometric detection
  • Contactless T&A integration
  • Targeted advertising to enhance customer experience
  • Real-time notification enabling rapid response
  • Revenue generation opportunities at points of access

Ideal For Use In

  • Government Buildings
  • Restaurants, Bars, Pubs
  • Hotels, Casinos
  • Schools/Colleges
  • Spas
  • Fitness centers
  • Malls/Retail/Grocery
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Movie Theaters
  • Venues, Stadiums, Arena
  • Enterprise

Utilizing our thermal imaging, temperature monitoring technology with its combined facial biometric feature, you can generate revenue, while maximizing real-time pathogen risk mitigation, provide added security and peace of mind, provide safer entry for your employees and offer a personalized guest experience as they enter your facility.

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