Steam + Shield Dry Steam User Instructions

What you will need:

  • Superheated Steam Machine For Application.The Eradicator is our recommended superheated steamer for applying the Chitosan Antimicrobial (alternative methods of application include electrostatic sprayers and foggers). Please note, the superheated nozzle (shown in the picture) is preferred to accomplish the most effective, dry vapor mist for application of the Chitosan Antimicrobial.
  • The Eradicator comes with connection accessories for hard to reach spots and more targeted application of the Chitosan Antimicrobial (not recommended for use on electronics as the aluminum accessories create additional moisture at the nozzle tip).
  • Chitosan Antimicrobial is our secret weapon which when applied to surfaces, creates a hard, invisible shield, protecting surfaces for extended periods against pathogens. You simply replace the water in the Eradicator with the Chitosan Antimicrobial.
  • The regular black steamer cleaning kit can be used to initially deep clean and prepare the surface for the Steam + Shield treatment.

Steam + Shield is a one-step disinfection and protection process that disinfects using the superheated dry vapor steam, while simultaneously coating the surface with the Chitosan Antimicrobial. The surface should be “properly deep-cleaned” (all biofilm removed from the surface to be treated) before application to achieve the most effective, long-lasting protective coating. To deep-clean the surface, it is preferred that you use the included Steamer Cleaning Kit which turns the Eradicator Disinfector into a traditional steam machine. You can also use an alternative steam machine (if available) or traditional wipe-down method, using an all-natural cleaning solution. (PLEASE CONSULT WITH MANUFACTURER FOR RECOMMENDED CLEANERS TO BE USED WITH CHITOSAN ANTIMICROBIAL!)

Please follow the instructions from “ERADICATOR INSTRUCTION MANUAL” for operation of the Eradicator and Steam Cleaning Kit.

Using The Eradicator Steam To Apply The Chitosan Antimicrobial Shield!

Although our Chitosan Antimicrobial can be applied in mist form in many ways from using a spray bottle and wiping, a common garden sprayer, to electrostatic sprayers and foggers, the preferred method is using the superheated Eradicator steamer (or other available steam equipment) for one-step disinfection and protection!

When using the patented Steam + Shield method of application, it is important to follow the manufacturers recommended instructions for use of the steam equipment (see “Eradicator Instruction Manual”).

Before starting the Steam + Shield process, drain any water from the boiler tank. The Chitosan Antimicrobial protectant comes in “Ready-To-Use” form and is placed in the boiler tank of the Eradicator in place of tap water (refer to Instruction Manual to fill the boiler tank).

Please Note: Do not overfill the boiler tank with the Chitosan as this may cause some of the Chitosan Antimicrobial to expand out of the boiler in a wet form as it heats, causing moisture build-up at the Disinfector Delivery Nozzle.

The Chitosan Antimicrobial is heated in the boiler tank and is then applied in the form of superheated dry vapor steam to simultaneously disinfect and protect the previously deep-cleaned surfaces. The heat from the steam disinfects the surface and the Chitosan Antimicrobial is deposited on the surface to form a water resistant, antimicrobial, durable protective shield. This shield inhibits the transfer/growth of pathogens on the surface for a sustained period of time.

WARNING: Do NOT leave previously heated Chitosan Antimicrobial in the boiler tank. Once the boiler tank is cooled down, remove the safety cap and empty the remaining Chitosan Antimicrobial into a separate container for future use.

The Chitosan may appear slightly amber in color as it is heated in the boiler tank. Chitosan derives from polysaccharide which is similar to sugar and heating the Chitosan can have a caramelizing affect. This caramelized sugar like substance will generally remain in the boiler tank. THIS DOES NOT AFFECT THE EFFICACY OF THE CHITOSAN! Check the Chitosan color as it is dispensed from the nozzle by spraying it into a clear vessel. The dispensed Chitosan Antimicrobial should be clear or have a very slight amber tinge. If the Antimicrobial is too dark to apply on light colored surfaces, cease operation, allow the Eradicator to completely cool, discard the Chitosan Antimicrobial and then refill the tank with a new batch of the Chitosan Antimicrobial.

Steam + Shield Maintenance

Chitosan Antimicrobial

Your Chitosan Antimicrobial should be stored in it’s original container in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and out of the reach of children and pets. It has an effective shelf life of 2 years.The Chitosan Antimicrobial should be emptied from the boiler tank after each use. If the Chitosan solution appears too dark in color either discard the solution or use ONLY on dark surfaces to avoid potential staining of lighter colored surfaces.

If previously heated Chitosan has an excess build-up of caramelized particles, the solution can be strained using a commercial strainer into a separate container, and the particles discarded.These particles will NOT affect the efficacy of the Chitosan Antimicrobial but are not recommended to be placed in the boiler tank as they may impede the uniform flow of dry vapor steam through the delivery nozzle

The Eradicator

When using the Eradicator to apply the Chitosan Antimicrobial as part of the Steam + Shield process, it is recommended to intermittently (once or twice a week) flush the Eradicator boiler tank, hose and delivery nozzle using ONLY water. Remove all of the Chitosan Antimicrobial solution from the boiler tank and replace with ONLY tap water. Allow the Eradicator to heat and then on the highest steam pressure setting (consult Eradicator Instruction Manual) dispense the steam through the nozzle ensuring the steam dispensed is totally clear and has no residue or particles from the Chitosan Antimicrobial. You can also use the brush included to clean the delivery nozzle (see Eradicator Instruction Manual).

Surface Maintenance

Our Steam + Shield process has demonstrated defense against Pathogens on treated surfaces at 99.99% efficacy, for in excess of 4 months, depending on environmental conditions. In order to preserve the long-lasting protective barrier, we recommended using a non-sudsy, all natural cleaning product, with low acidity, to maintain the lifespan of the protective coating.For recommendations on the types of cleaners that will work in conjunction with our Steam +
Shield process, please email us at If you have any cleaning products that you have been using prior to Steam + Shield, please include information on those products and a support representative will review and respond to you within 24 hours, with our recommendations.

Eradicator Instruction Manual