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Las Vegas Strip April 2020

Surviving COVID-19 goes beyond dealing with the medical effects caused by the virus. Our economy has been severely impacted as a result of the widespread stay-at-home orders which closed almost all non-essential businesses across the US, and created a financial crisis which surpassed the great depression.

We must come together and do everything we can to re-stimulate our economy and support businesses both, small and large, in their efforts to provide clean and safe environments for customers and employees.

What is your recovery playbook?

We cannot simply return to the old ways of doing business. The pandemic has created the need for organizations to reengage with their workforce and reinvent their workplaces. Resilient leaders embrace recovery as an opportunity to do better and be better, improving overall health and safety, responding to social concerns and focusing on thriving in the new-normal.

Is your organization ready to rebuild and reposition for the future?  Pathogen Defense Systems can help…Contact Us

We provide business solutions to protect people in public places, offering all natural, sustainable, cost-effective and eco-friendly products and systems that provide long lasting antimicrobial protection on surfaces, disinfect the air we breathe in enclosed spaces and help prevent potential person-to-person infection transfer, through non-invasive thermal temperature monitoring.

With our solutions, businesses can provide environments where their employees feel safe to work and their customers have peace of mind that their facilities are properly disinfected and safe to enter.

Our surface, air and facility protection solutions are scalable and can support the needs of a variety of environments where people come together to work and play:


Stadiums and Arenas

Restaurants & Hospitality

Movie Theaters

Nursing and Healthcare



Sports Facilities and Gyms

And many more….

What is your business’s re-occupancy strategy? Do you have effective ways to maintain high levels of disinfection in your facility. Contact Pathogen Defense Systems today and one of our disinfection consultants will be in contact to help customize a solution for you!

Facility Disinfection + Protection

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