Message from Lorraine Yarde, President, Pathogen Defense Systems

PresidentAs I sat at home, watching my City come to a standstill and my friends out of work, I wondered to myself “what can I do to help people feel safe to return to work and breath life back into my local economy again?” I was led by a force I cannot explain, to a serendipitous conversation with an old friend, that has changed
the course and direction of my life forever and has given me real purpose during this challenging time. Pathogen Defense Systems, LLC was born out of necessity, the desire to make a difference and the hope that I can really help get businesses open, people back at work and everyone feeling comfortable to enjoy the freedoms our great country offers.

We have to get back to our everyday lives, albeit in a more conscious, responsible way than we have conducted ourselves in the past. My goal is to help the “new norm” be BETTER than before, where we all take the disinfection of our surroundings more seriously, we take better care of our health and respect the
safety of the people around us in social settings.

We deal with pathogens every day, we dealt with them before Covid-19 and they will be there post-pandemic. What Covid-19 has shown us, is that we cannot take the cleanliness of our environment for granted. We all have a heightened awareness of the need for proper deep-cleaning and disinfection and we are holding ourselves and others to higher standards…and this is a really positive thing!

At Pathogen Defense Systems, we are here to provide all natural, non-toxic and sustainable products, solutions and systems to keep our environments safe and protect people in public places! Success is realized from the desire to do good…this is the driving force behind Pathogen Defense Systems, LLC.

Lorraine Yarde

President, Pathogen Defense Systems LLC