Clean, Disinfect, Deodorize…Chemical Free!

Why would you do this…disinfect your environment with a product that requires full Hazmat gear to apply?

The harsh chemicals used as disinfectants can be hazardous to workers if not properly handled, some are flammable, others react to create toxic gases and can cause irritation to the skin or eyes. When airborne, disinfectants, if inhaled, can cause respiratory problems.

Do you really want to disinfect your environment with a product that is dangerous and requires careful precautions be taken when being applied….

….when you can do this….use steam and/or our all natural products to disinfect and protect in a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly way!

Pathogen Defense Systems is committed to offering chemical free, non-toxic, sustainable products and solutions that can effectively clean, disinfect and deodorize our world.

Safer for us…safer for our environment…the Pathogen Defense Systems way!

Facility Disinfection + Protection


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