Coronavirus Protection

PDS-Shield Has You Coverrd With Our All Natural Disinfection and 24/7 Protection

The spread of the coronavirus has had a catastrophic impact on our everyday lives, businesses and the global economy. One of the greatest challenges we face as we attempt to return to some assemblance of normalcy, post-pandemic, is overcoming our concerns of gathering in densely trafficked areas for fear of contracting the virus from a surface that has not been properly disinfected or a person who is potentially infected. We all share a heightened awareness of the need for proper disinfection and safety in public places.  At Pathogen Defense Systems we have a solution to meet your every need to help overcome these fears, help your business open safely and encourage people to feel comfortable to once again enjoy travel, attend social events like sports and entertainment or eat out at their favorite restaurant.

The Benefits of Steam - All Natural Disinfection Against Viruses and Bacteria

It is Effective

Based on Scientific data and experiments, steam is effective in killing and eliminating up to 99.99% of microorganisms from surfaces, including Coronaviruses

It Reaches Everywhere

High-pressure steam jets are able to reach even the most difficult areas and can penetrate fabrics and furniture for deep disinfection and cleaning.

It is a Healthier Way to Prevent Infection

Using steam daily helps create a healthier environment and prevents the spread of diseases – cleaning and disinfecting without chemicals

Chitosan Antimicrobial

Long Lasting Antimicrobial Protection

Don’t Just Kill Bacteria & Viruses; Apply our antimicrobial solution and let it kill 24/7 for extended periods.
All natural, non-toxic and sustainable protection, Independently tested and proven to protect surfaces and prevent contamination from viruses, germs and bacteria for to 4 months and prevent mold and mildew for 12 months, depending on environmental conditions. Find Out More

Testing Supports Our Claims - Chitosan Antimicrobial Kills Pathogens For 4+ Months

S. aureus AATCC 33592 (MRSA) 130-day persistent antimicrobial effect (Aged 4 months and 8 days in ambient laboratory conditions)


Who We Are

We are your neighbors, your colleagues and your friends. We want you to feel safe to return to work, go out to your favorite restaurant or attend a live event and are passionate about helping create healthier and cleaner public spaces for us all to enjoy!

Our Passion:

Your health and safety is at the forefront of why we do what we do. That is why we offer natural and sustainable products and solutions that provide healthy and safe spaces for people to congregate, cleaner environments for people to work and help curb the spread of infections.

Message from Pathogen Defense Systems, LLC. President, Lorraine Yarde.
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Making a difference through our commitment to Protect People in Public Places.
We aim to have a significant positive impact on people’s lives, post COVID-19, by creating safer spaces for people to work and play. It is our goal to use all natural and sustainable products and systems, to make the world a better place and curb the spread of infection in public places.

NO CHEMICALS EVER! We keep surfaces pathogen free for extended periods, we disinfect the air you breath and we keep people safe in densely populated places – using all-natural, non-toxic, safe and eco-friendly solutions.
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